When the landscape tries to eat you….


WATCH: A bystander in eastern Russia captures footage of a slow-moving landslide toppling trees and power lines.

A guy was walking along a road, minding his own business when the landscape rumbled, rose up and began to eat surrounding trees and powerlines. If he hadn’t had the presence of mind to run, it might have eaten him.

Via National Geographic:

Like watching a slow-motion disaster, a video that’s going viral this week shows a dramatic landslide in eastern Russia gradually swallowing up a road and railway, knocking down trees and power lines, and dragging heavy equipment.

No one was hurt in the creeping landslide, or earthflow, coal industry representative Larissa Beresneva told local Russian media. The disaster happened on April 1 near Novokuznetsk, east of the Ural Mountains. (Learn more about the impacts of coal.)

The region is an active coal mining area and the massive slide seems to have occurred as a result of a collapse of the waste material, or overburden, from the Taldinskoye coal mine, Beresneva said. Russian authorities are investigating.

The relatively slow-moving slide was filmed by a bystander as it spilled over a road between Novokuznetsk and Bolshaya Talda, knocking over trees and a transmission line.

See the video….


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