Why is Prep so popular?

Lilly Pulitzer Knew a Secret to Women's Clothing: Dresses Are Practical – The Atlantic.


Pulitzer’s marketing materials try to associate her clothes with the Palm Beach good life. “Life’s a party,” LilyPulitzer.com declares. “Dress like it.” Lilly Pulitzer stores have a beach-party atmosphere, with pink wallpaper and scallop-shell-framed mirrors and cheery staff eager to help you look your best.

But what’s drawn me back to her clothes so many times over the years isn’t their fabulousness, but rather how easy they are to wear. The cords and cardigan have kept their color and shape despite years of regular machine washing. Even more practical have been the dresses. Most of the dresses I’ve bought from Lilly Pulitzer have a comfortable, roomy fit and a flattering A-line style. They’re lightweight and brightly colored—perfect for keeping cool (and hiding sweat) on a warm day. Her clothing’s usefulness makes sense considering her start in the clothing business. As her Associated Press obituary explains, she was drawn to bold prints not because they were fashionable, but because they were practical…


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