The awakening and comeback of the Arab Spring – Al Arabiya News

Tyranny is bad anywhere, but an Arab dictator is the worst. For him, governance is the art of controlling and monopolizing all the benefits. He knows and cares nothing about proper governance.

Thousands were killed or disappeared during the reign of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who pretended to save the country from communists. Despite his acts of injustice and oppression, he performed a miracle for Chile’s economy. He was smart enough to let a specialist handle the economy, turning it from a sterile totalitarian one to a productive market economy.

The Arab dictator is ruthless and does not want any blessing. The only important thing to him is his longevity. During the last few years, we have witnessed conflicts, civil wars and biased media motivated by hatred, fear, sectarianism and partisanship.

All of that was planned. The tyrant does not want to hear about decent living, employment, clean streets, pride or dignity because he is incapable of providing them. He only promises stability and security.

If he is absent, chaos will prevail. Terrorism serves him and encourages him implicitly. Media affiliated to him remind citizens of terrorism day and night, in a bid to make them accept his violence. He is necessary to protect the state that terrorism wants to tear apart. Anyone who remains silent or presents another opinion is a terrorist who deserves to die.

This dirty tactic will work for one or two years, even a decade, but it will inevitably collapse.

via The awakening and comeback of the Arab Spring – Al Arabiya News.


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