Mr. Robot’s creator: Eliot’s fractured perspective is naive

Mr. Robot finale: The creator talks the biggest moments of the summer’s best new show – Vox:

I always look back the Arab Spring. I’m Egyptian. When I went there after that went down, my cousins were in their late teens, early 20s, and were very angry. You channel that anger into this really positive movement to effect change in society. That to me is something that’s always necessary when you want to effect a big outcome like that in the world.

In a weird way, when I look at Elliot and there’s this young, angry outlook of society, I see a part of me in there, like that younger part of me that I’m happy with, that I’m encouraged by, that all young people might have. Going into the world with that bold brashness is something I think is awesome and amazing and totally encouraged. But I also see the flaws and I know that in 10, 15 years, that worldview might evolve and change. I love Elliot for it, even though I’m aware of the flaws. I find it encouraging that young people could have that passion.


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