How I Became a White Supremacist | VICE | United States

Because I was so blind, too wrapped up in my own bloated ego to pay attention to my own basic emotional needs, I ended up blaming others—blacks, gays, Jews, and anyone else who I thought wasn’t like me—for problems in my own life they couldn’t possibly have contributed to. My unfounded panic quickly, and unjustly, manifested itself as venomous hatred—I became radicalized by those who saw in me a lonely youngster who was ripe to be molded. And because I was so desperately searching for meaning—to rise above the mundane—I devoured any crumbs I was fed that resembled greatness, made them my identity, overshadowing my own character. The same one that I’d grown weary of as a kid. Through my misguided animosity, I’d become a big, fat, racist bully—morbidly obese from the countless lies I’d been fed by those who took advantage of my youth, naïveté, and loneliness.

via How I Became a White Supremacist | VICE | United States.

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