People Want To Bomb The Fictional Kingdom In ‘Aladdin,’ But Don’t Panic Yet

Imperialist Agrabah?

Imperialist Agrabah?

Americans are deeply divided over whether to bomb the kingdom of Agrabah, according to a new poll, with Republicans more likely to be in favor and Democrats tending to be opposed.
But here's the problem: "Agrabah" happens to be the fictional home of Aladdin.
Public Policy Polling, a prominent Democratic-leaning polling firm, included the question in its most recent national poll. (Let's not forget that this is the same firm that listed “Deez Nuts” as a candidate on a North Carolina poll.)

Over half of Democrats and 43 percent of Republicans answered the Agrabah question. Thirty percent of Republican primary voters were in favor of bombing the fictional location, while 13 percent were opposed. Among Democrats, 19 percent were in favor and 36 percent were opposed. 

Obviously, it's both funny and a little worrisome to see so many people taking a stance on military action against Disney villains — although, hey, Jafar is pretty evil. Some people polled might have recognized the fictional name and answered in jest, but most likely did not. Either way, they only had the option of replying that they supported, opposed, or were "not sure" about bombing Agrabah, and the majority of respondents said they weren't sure.

via People Want To Bomb The Fictional Kingdom In ‘Aladdin,’ But Don’t Panic Yet.


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