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UPDATE: ‪#‎MuslimMeanGirls‬ (and friends)

Hi Friends, In our educate people about the ideological fault lines, that exist in Muslim communities today, Hala Arafa and I introduced you in our Washington Post Faith piece to the battle over the issue of “hijab,” translated inaccurately as “headscarf,” and promoted as an ideology of honor by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Iran, where women are jailed, punished and berated for not covering their hair.

We have received 100s of messages of support and thanks, which I will share. This thread I wanted to reserve for the voices of opposition, so that we can educate ourselves to the fault lines in our communities.

1) Among the first to mock us on Twitter was a man by the name of Amad Shaikh, cofounder of MuslimMatters, a website, and an organization called Texas Dawah; another cofounder of MuslimMatters is Yasir Qadhi, who is a founder of AlMaghrib Institute. Qadhi was educated in Saudi Arabia before teaching now in Tennessee, to some controversy that I still have to report out. MuslimMatters, AlMaghrib and Qadhi are associated with Saudi Arabia’s Salafi school of Islam that demands women cover their hair. I can’t tag them here for comment, but invite representatives to discuss their organizations here.

2) Linda Sarsour, a Muslim activist in Brooklyn, posted a Facebook page with a personal attack against me. She is an awards recipient recognized by CAIR, which we identified as calling itself the “hijab legal defense fund.” She debated against Faisal Saeed Al Mutar and me on the issue of Islamophobia.


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