Two Years an ISIS Slave – The Daily Beast

The structure of what ISIS calls a state is very fragile and unstable. Foreign media dramatizes the strength of ISIS and its control on people in the areas it occupies. I do not know why U.S. officials and other countries who are fighting ISIS exaggerate its strength and control, maybe to justify their failed strategy. Moreover, I think that U.S. tax payers should demand their government investigate where all the money spent on its program to train and equip moderate Syrians went. However, the reality we witnessed is that not all ISIS fighters are trained and experienced. Many of them are young and inexperienced boys.

Their military and regulatory structures are weak. They failed in their attempts to organize education, or other fields of life. They do not trust us, they fear locals and try their best to not mix with us, or allow us access to any of their military or security information.

via Two Years an ISIS Slave – The Daily Beast.





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