War, Violence and Hate Preaching | Younus AlGohar

In 2013, the European Parliament declared that Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabi sect are responsible for the widespread of terrorism in the world.

When the European Parliament declared it, of course, it is not just the result of talks between different parliament members. They must have gotten some evidence that would suggest that Saudi Arabia and Wahhabi sect is responsible for the widespread of terrorism.

Now the question is: why have the European Parliament and the member states of the European Union not taken any preventive measures to discourage Wahhabi doctrine from being promoted there?

They should have identified different mosques established by Saudi Arabian aid and which follow the Wahhabi doctrine and banned them. On one hand, they identify the problem and on the other hand, they ignore it.

They do not want to solve the problem because they think, ‘We cannot single out the country which produces most of the petrol in the world.’

You are not going to stop the world from falling into the ditch of the ugliest massacre of humanity.

It is not any media from the Islamic World that has found the Wahhabi sect to be responsible for the spread of terrorism. Intellectuals who have written on the causes of terrorism and who hold Saudi Arabia and Wahhabi doctrine responsible for it come from the Western world. They come from the Unites States of America, Europe and the United Kingdom.

All the material available online about Wahhabism and their extreme doctrine of hatred has been put on the internet by Western intellectuals; even so, the relationship of these countries with Saudi Arabia is as normal as ever before.

A direct approach should have been made. This matter should have been discussed with Saudi officials. Instead, it has been put into pending.
When you know who the real culprit is, you need to make difficult decision.

However, in the vast interest of humanity, sometimes you have to take decisions that can bring about a chaotic situation in the world.

Make sure you do not wait too long for ‘the right time’ to make a decision.

This is the right time to stop all relations with Saudi Arabia and with the Wahhabi sect.
All these mosques and religious seminaries founded with the aid of Saudi Arabia must immediately be banned. You must ban the Wahhabi doctrine, no matter what organisation is promoting the Wahhabi doctrine.

Any group of people that promotes the Wahhabi doctrine must be banned. Their citizenship must be abolished and their entry into the United Kingdom must be banned.

If we do not take any preventive measures, this problem of terrorism will escalate to a degree where nobody will be able to solve the problem.

It’s not a secret anymore. Whether it is America or Russia, the entire world knows that Saudi Arabia is the principle culprit in promotion of terrorism.
There was a videotape confiscated by the Russian government in which some Saudi officials were buying terrorists in a hotel room. Young boys and girls who had been trained and indoctrinated by hate preachers were ready to become suicide bombers and Saudi officials were paying for them. They were buying them so that these children could carry out their filthy plots. After this videotape was found, the relationship between Russian and Saudi Arabia worsened.

According to a Chinese proverb, ‘Talks don’t cook rice.’ You have to take some practical steps.

Rooting Out Terrorism

To send your armies and kill them is not the entire solution. First, you have to root out these Wahhabi seminaries that are producing terrorists.

If someone wants to fill a jar with water and the jar has a hole, they will keep filling it with water and the water will leak out. A wise individual will first repair the jar. When the jar is repaired, then water poured into the jar will stay.

via War, Violence and Hate Preaching | Younus AlGohar.

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