Far-right protesters rampage through Leipzig in latest anti-migrant demonstrations | Daily Mail Online

Of course, the people who own those restaurants had nothing to do with the New Year’s Eve attacks. ‘Anti-immigrant’ fascists are like the Wahhabi/jihadi fascists, they look for the soft targets.

Since the Germans fear the far right more than they fear the Islamists, and since their biggest fear is that they’ll look like Nazis, this will probably push them to appear to be more PC than ever. Which will give the Wahhabis more opportunities to attack innocents.

If established governments don’t confront the real forces behind Islamic violence (groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Hizb ut Tahrir) and the countries that support them, Europe is going to have to choose between two groups of fascists.

The fascists who win will definitely have nukes.

Hundreds of anti-refugee rioters have gone on the rampage in the German city of Leipzig after a demonstration where they called for asylum seekers to be deported and their nation's borders closed.

The attacks come just hours after Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that Europe had lost control of the crisis. The right-wingers broke away from a largely peaceful march in the eastern city to trash the suburb of Connewitz.

Doner kebab fast food stalls were destroyed, cars set ablaze and shop windows smashed by around 250 hooligans of LEGIDA – the local branch of PEGIDA, the anti-migrant, anti-EU organization which marched against the refugees earlier in the evening.

via Far-right protesters rampage through Leipzig in latest anti-migrant demonstrations | Daily Mail Online.

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