Trump protects his safe space


Yes, it was planned, and yes, like the ‘clock boy’, she has some hinky connections. But if people didn’t let their fears get the best of them, there wouldn’t have been any ‘incidents’ at all.

They could hardly have predicted how well the night would go. First security at Trump’s rally removed Hough, a convert to Islam and a Charlotte mosque spokesman, when he chanted, “Islam is not the problem!” Then Hamid, 56, was escorted out after she rose to her feet in silent protest—wearing a T-shirt with the message “Salam I come in peace” and a yellow star bearing the word “Muslim” affixed to her chest.

The evening ended with Hamid, a Charlotte flight attendant, on CNN fielding questions from host Don Lemon, a chyron under her image telling the story of her dramatic previous hours: “Muslim woman kicked out of Trump rally.”

via The ‘Silently Protesting Muslim Woman’ at the Trump Rally Wasn’t Alone – The Daily Beast.


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