Breaking Reality: The future of perception

I am. I call VR and AR “almost teleportation devices”.  Just imagine what it would be like to instantaneously experience something happening on the other side of the world. Maybe it’s something beautiful, like cherry blossoms blooming in Tokyo. Or maybe it’s something difficult, like befriending a family in poverty in Africa. You will be able to “transport” yourself to places we now only see on the news through video. They will be rendered and interacting with us in holographic form in our living rooms, as we will in theirs.

I wonder, will we continue to tolerate suffering or brutality of any kind when it’s happening in our living room? Will we be able to demonize people who we are sharing tea with in our kitchen? Or at least meeting with (dancing with) at citywide sister-city gatherings? Will AR/VR help us understand each other better? Will we empathize more?

It’s not difficult to pretend that children from other cultures aren’t like our children, but I believe It is hardly possible if you watch them growing, see their parents loving them, and understand how they come to be who they are.

via Breaking Reality: The future of perception.


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