Swastika defender killed in Syria

In the Weekly Standard, Lee Smith reports:

Lebanese media reports that the man who hit the late Christopher Hitchens in an altercation in Beirut in 2009 has been killed in Syria, fighting alongside forces allied with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.Adonis Nasr, an information officer with the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), often boasted of slapping Hitchens, after the British-American author defaced a placard commemorating an SSNP “hero” who killed two Israeli soldiers in a Wimpy’s restaurant in 1982….

…Hitchens wasn’t a big fan of Israel, and his gesture certainly wasn’t intended to defend Israel’s invasion and occupation of Lebanon. He just despised fascists and rightly interpreted the SSNP’s ideology and symbols as fascist, so when he saw the SSNP’s version of a swastika in the Hamra section of Beirut, he was moved to act.

I think a swastika poster is partly fair game and partly an obligation. You don’t really have the right to leave one alone. … My line is that swastika posters are to be defaced or torn down. I mean, what other choice do you have? I’d like to think I’d have done that if I had known it was being guarded by people who are swastika fanciers. I have done that in my time. I have had fights with people who think that way.

Smith asks:

What would have surprised Hitchens, who died months after the March 2011 uprising began, is that his adopted country, a nation he loved not least because of its historical record fighting totalitarianisms and authoritarianisms of every variety, would turn its back on the victims of Assad and his allied forces. It would have surprised him that the White House protected Assad by ensuring that no U.S.-backed rebels would attack the regime slaughtering them, only ISIS. And that the White House enabled the Syrian despot by filling the coffers of his Iranian financiers with billions of dollars in sanctions relief.

As a fellow anti-fascist, I’d guess that Hitchens would have had a hard time deciding who to support and/or condemn in the Syrian conflict. Should we stand and fight beside the Wahhabi/Al Qaeda linked fascists or should we lean towards the Assad/Mullahcrat fascists? When it comes to the leadership in certain areas of the Middle East, it’s fascists all the way down.


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