The Republicans aren’t the solution

Neither are the Democrats. Both parties are responsible for this: Protesters Assault Trump Supporters With Eggs, Bottles, Punches After Rally – NBC News

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Donald Trump supporters were mobbed and assaulted by protesters on Thursday night after the candidate’s campaign rally in California.

The violence broke out after the event in San Jose wrapped up just before 8 p.m. local time (11 p.m. ET). Some Trump supporters were punched. One woman wearing a “Trump” jersey was cornered, spat on, and pelted with eggs and water bottles.

Police held back at first but eventually moved in. San Jose Police Sgt. Enrique Garcia told NBC News that several protesters were arrested and one officer was assaulted in the melee.

Our crappy political parties want us to fight. Their pundits used to give us two minutes of hate, now their manufactured outrage is on Facebook and Twitter 24/7.

Republicans and Democrats also gave us:

1. The 2008 economic tsunami

2. The world’s biggest prison population

3. Eminent domain

4. A crumbling infrastructure

5. Neglected veterans

They only thing they don’t give us is a sign that they’re doing their jobs.

Divide and Conquer has always been an effective strategy for keeping incompetents in power. Fight the parties, not each other.

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