Anarchists for Donald Trump—Let the Empire Burn – The Daily Beast


gary_johnson 2

Gary Johnson

Anarchists for Donald Trump—Let the Empire Burn – The Daily Beast

It happened under Obama: the warfare state and Wall Street reigning supreme while we all sing kumbaya because a black man has stamped his imprimatur on an intolerable status quo.  It will happen again under Hillary.

The anarchists are right to be angry at both parties. The parties neglect veterans, both promoted favor-the rich laws like eminent domain. Both contributed to laws that led to the US having the largest prison population in the world. Our ideologies have devolved into identity politics, and the victim mentality of both parties has led to a non-working government and a crumbling infrastructure. There is no force of heaven or earth that would lead me to vote for Trump, but people who would might use this reasoning.

If these anarchists were being pragmatic, they’d say F-you to both parties and vote for Gary Johnson. Johnson has a record of successfully governing a state, and could guide the transition from the current one-percent-owned government to the new thing (whatever it is).


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