Lobbyists Concealed Their Saudi Paymasters From Veterans Pressed to Lobby Against 9/11 Bill

Tim Cord was enraged and still is. “I joined the Marine Corps after 9/11 to basically directly combat the Saudi fu*king terrorists that did 9/11. I joined as a result of Saudi terrorism activity, and to find out I’m on their fu*king payroll and I’m on a ledger somewhere, I’m sitting in the Trump hotel having the time of my life, and I get to the realization that, go*damn, I owe them now, and that is not a cool feeling to have. Not the Saudis, dude. I mean, to be in the Saudis’ fu*king pocketbook, that made me have a really uncomfortable feeling,” he says.

Dan Cord has similar feelings. “It seems disgustingly ironic that the entire reason I joined the military was due to the 9/11 attacks, which were largely funded and manned by the Saudis. And so now I found myself under the guise of doing some good for the veterans, which is of course a huge aspect of my life, only to find out it has nothing to do with the veterans and nothing to do with the 9/11 families,” he says.

But it’s not just about 9/11 for Dan Cord. “Anyone’s that been deployed to a combat zone knows very well—outside of the public knowledge, but in-country knowledge—that Saudis still fund fighters over there. They fund them with weapons, they fund them with people, they fund them with intel,” he says.

Tim Cord says that, since 9/11 families represent such a sympathetic side of the JASTA debate, the Saudis and their lobbyists decided they needed to counter with a sympathetic face for those who want to amend it.

His brother agrees. “This is just a guise, and we make a good face, because who is going to openly tell a group of vets…that this bill is wrong and they’re not going to support it,” Dan Cord says.

“I sat there knowing the evidence was overwhelming that we were being used as pawns,” says Casler. “Knowing veterans were being used and flat out lied to. You can’t really mitigate this issue or explain it away. You don’t want to piss off a Marine, and they pissed off a group of Marines. We don’t care about politics or money. We have a dog in this fight for the truth, or we betray everything that we should stand for.”

via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Lobbyists Concealed Their Saudi Paymasters From Veterans Pressed to Lobby Against 9/11 Bill


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