Normalizing Women in Hijabs

Recent trends we have seen involve search terms like “immigration,” “migration,” and “global.” All of these have increased in popularity. Over the last year searches for “Muslim” and “Muslim woman” have skyrocketed. In fact, “Muslim woman” is up 83 percent. The concept of “community” is up 62 percent. We have seen the demand for body diversity and authenticity in depiction of women increase significantly: “differing abilities” is up 229 percent; “unfiltered” 219 percent; “real bodies” 147 percent; “body positivity” 144 percent; “gritty woman” 90 percent; and “menstruation” is up 142 percent. There’s more: “grungy woman” 105 percent; “heroine woman” 80 percent; and “edgy woman” 54 percent …

So we have data points, and these tell us if we’re going in the right direction, but we often start with our own observations. Maybe someone on the team sees a female Olympian wearing hijab, or maybe we hear that Dolce

via The Trend Forecaster Who Creates Your Sense of ‘Normal’


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