Trusting Qatar


Hostage Qatari royals ‘used as leverage’ to end Syrian sieges | Middle East Eye

What happened here? As far as I can tell:

1. Qatar is a major source of funds for Sunni ‘militant’ groups like ISIS and al Qaeda

2. Hezbollah (one of the primary militant opponents of ISIS/AQ) captured a bunch of Qatari royals who think they’re so untouchable, they could traipse into a country they’re currently destroying to do some pheasant hunting. Why not, they do it in Europe and America all the time.

3. Hezb wanted to make a deal to get some Shia safely out of a town they were being held in, so they kidnapped the feckless Qatari Royals.

4. Qatar struck a deal and Hezb released the royals

5. Days later, and members of some sunni militant group rode up alongside the bus carrying the Shia and blew up the non-combatants.

We make deals with Qatar all the time. And we think we’re winning…


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