Qatar and ISIS

Newly resurfaced tweets have revealed that a Qatari government official publicly congratulated ISIS in 2014, days after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared an “Islamic Caliphate” from Iraq’s Mosul.

Hamad Lahhan Al-Mohannadi, Deputy Chairman of the Central Municipal Council in Qatar, and the former director of the supply management department of the Qatar Olympic Committee, wrote a Twitter post in which he described the militants as “revolutionaries.”

His 2014 tweet was a picture accompanied by the caption: “An image of the city of Mosul in Iraq before Iftar (a sunset meal in which Muslims break their fast in Ramadan) the rule of the revolutionaries of Iraq brought back to Mosul its luster and pulled it from the grips of Iran.”

via EXCLUSIVE: Qatari official congratulated ISIS for Mosul capture, tweets reveal – Al Arabiya English


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