Old blog (whataretheysaying) archived links

Colombian rebels kidnap presidential candidate (Guardian)

Kidnappings make Mexico as dangerous as Iraq: Firm Colombia is the region’s only country where kidnapping rates surpass Mexico’s… (TheNewsMexico)

Israeli President, Peres Support Saudi Peace Plan (Xinhua News Agency)

Arafat welcomes statements by Saudi crown prince on Israeli- Arab solution (Arabic News)

Middle East conflict can turn into war, warns Annan (Dawn)

Fatah and the Saudi crown prince peace initiative with Israel (Arabic News)

Without transparency, democracy doesn’t merit the name (The Daily Star)

Report: FBI Focuses on Former U.S. Scientist as Chief Anthrax Suspect (FoxNews)

Brother Pearl The good man is gone; the bad men are left to deal with. (National Review)

Post-WTC, an Actress Goes On Tour of Duty (Daily News)

OK, George, make with the friendly bombs If only the UK had done something similar in Northern Ireland, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today… (Guardian)

Ritual slaughter kept off the streets at Sidon (The Daily Star)

Toyota to make car fuelled by hydrogen (Bangkok Post)

Old blog (whataretheysaying) archived links

Britons in Cuba Could be Repatriated Rumsfeld wants returnees tried (MSNBC)

Reporter Daniel Pearl Is Dead, Killed by His Captors in Pakistan (Wall Street Journal)

A Selection of Daniel Pearl’s Work (Wall Street Journal)

Mariane Pearl: Husband’s spirit lives on (CNN)

Daniel Pearl’s family shares their grief (MSNBC)

Remembering Danny Timothy Noah (Slate)

Pledge to ‘liquidate’ Pearl killers Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf says he will “liquidate” the killers of US journalist Daniel Pearl and other terrorists from his country.(BBC)

Face to face with Sheikh Omar He appeared repentant, but clearly not enough. (BBC)

Pearl’s murder technique proves Jaish link The brutal way in which WSJ journalist Daniel Pearl was murdered is a clear indication of the involvement of the terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed. (Times of India)


The ‘New Anti-Semitism’ A new wave of anti-Semitism is sweeping Europe. (Ha’aretz Daily)

‘Intriguing’ offer: Saudi prince’s pitch to recognize Israel (Miami Herald)

EurasiaNet Culture A photo essay by Vladimir Syomin (Eurasia Net)

Can boards be held accountable? Enron Code of Ethics Handbook…in mint condition — never been used. (Jamaica Gleaner)

No end to stress in modern Japan (Japan Times)


Jacket of the future makes its own heat For centuries, winter coats have worked on a pretty straightforward premise: trap the heat the body generates. (CNN)