Even Mujahideen get the blues…

What is this hideous Pakistani painting trying to tell us?

(originally published in September 2003)


Here’s the (totally fabricated by me) translation from Arabic: During long, lonely nights in the desert plains, Osama was often overwhelmed by a terrible inner ache. His gun meant nothing to him any more. It was weak, shooting blanks, hanging limp at his side. He was coming to the realization that he was a cowgirl living in a mujahideen’s body.

Every night, he entered his secret garden. There, he rode a cute little white pinto, ran his hands through his lush hair as the warm desert wind slipped beneath the folds of his flowing white dress, sweetly caressing his thighs.

Now, as he roasts in the hot fires of his own private hell, he regrets the loss of his cowgirl dreams.

[picture link thanks to Hootinan]

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