Welcome to the Jungle (short story – online)

“Washington DC, 2084:

Jerry leaned out the Aerocar window. With the kind of breathless amazement that only seven year-olds can muster, he shouted “Mom, Dad, look! Two apes are fighting in front of the Lincoln Memorial.”

Bill glanced down, but at 600 meters above ground level it was hard to see very much. He put the flying car into a slight bank and circled around to get a better look.

“That’s terrible,” Sharon said. “They should have more respect.”

“They’re gorillas, Mom,” said Jerry. “They’re allowed to misbehave”

“Those aren’t apes. They’re men,” Sharon said.

“You’re kidding…” Bill said as he adjusted the focus of his Google Glass Retinas for long distance. They were indeed men, but with hair so unkempt and suits so ragged, they appeared to be covered with fur.

“It’s a Bumfight,” Bill said.

“Disgusting,” Sharon said.

“Why did they let them into the Safari park?” Jerry asked.

“They must be some of Washington DC’s original inhabitants.”

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