Conservation and the preservation of animal habitats have been used by the western elites for years to chase indigenous people off their own land in Africa. Guardian writer George Monibot doesn’t blame conservationists for this tragedy – instead, he blames nature programs. According to Monibot, these programs sell us a lie of unspoiled wilderness – and that lie has destroyed lives. As a result, TV addicted tourists pour into African countries, demanding that natives be chased off their land.

According to George, Sir David Attenborough’s lies have caused major damage. Does this also mean that the Discovery Channel and Steve Irwin, the Australian snake & crocodile handler, are also to blame? Whoo – crikey!

As usual, Monibot is full of it. Yes, western influence is to blame. First, western colonists murdered and ‘resettled’ the native people – now western eco-colonists are working to preserve lion habitats in the Serengeti. Driving around the unspoiled areas in their land rovers, living out scenes from ‘white mischief’, these ‘conservationists’ profit at the expense of tribes like the Masai, whose lives and traditions are being destroyed.

George Monibot, shares the eco-colonist’s belief that poverty is good for the native people, and that wealth and consumption leads to depression. Of course, he doesn’t blame the eco-colonists for anything. He doesn’t blame the environmentalists’ ideal, that all animals should live within pristine sanctuaries for the situation. He doesn’t blame the greens’ condemnation of hunting, even by native tribes, for the problem. Instead, he targets Sir Attenborough. The article has to be read to be believed. Unfortunately, Monibot is no expert at spin – this silly attempt to misplace the blame falls flat.

For some sanity, here are the voices of the Masai, who don’t share Monibot’s concerns, and who have absolutely no grudges against Sir David.

..and a story of a guardian of the lions who might have been eaten by one of his charges – if the Masai hadn’t intervened.

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